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Pisgah Forest, NC, USA
Guitar Amplifier Building Supplies and LED Bike light parts

Pisgah Forest, NC, USA

Guitar Tube Amplifier Parts, Guitar Amplifier Building Supplies and
LED Bike light parts

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About Hoffman Amplifiers

106 Lakeland Dr
Pisgah Forest, NC, 28768

Hoffman Amplifiers is a 100% internet based retail mail order business.
I have been in business since 1993
I keep my operating expenses very low, and so I am able to keep my parts prices low.
I do not a wholesale store, I am a retail store, but many of my parts prices are at the wholesale level.
I also own EL34 world, which is my information web site

All orders must be submitted by using my on line shopping cart.
My business location is in a building on my personal property.
I do not have a walk in retail business location and I do not take orders by telephone.
All orders are shipped, I do not do personal deliveries or customer pickups.

I import all my orders and data directly from my web server into QuickBooks, which means I do not have to hand type any data.
I use a secure server connection to import all my customer information.
I write my own custom software that lets me automate almost every aspect of the business.
This automation allows me to handle a lot of business without any employees.
No employees = less stress, less overhead and cheaper parts prices to my customers.

Hoffman Amplifiers sells vacuum tube Guitar amp building supplies.
These are some of the items you will find in my tube amp parts catalog.
Vacuum tubes, transformers, tube sockets, switches, chassis, pots, knobs,
capacitors, resistors, amp hardware, jacks, plugs, wire, trim parts, misc. hardware.
Just about everything it takes to scratch build a vacuum tube guitar amplifier.

I have also branched out into LED bike light parts, which is also one of my other hobbies.

Same day shipping on most credit card orders
PayPal orders are not always shipped the same day because of the lag time involved in PayPal transactions.
My business has a reputation for shipping orders very fast, which is something my customers really like.

I appreciate your business
Doug Hoffman

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The Tube amp Library of information
Click the link above for Tube amp info, Schematics, Board building information, Projects, Mods, Transformer diagrams, Photo's, Sound clips.
There are hundreds of pages of Tube amp information on my library page.

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You will find a large community of friendly amp builders at the link above.

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