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How To return parts

Returning parts is not a problem.
Please email me first and describe what you want to do and I will email you back.

How I refund money on returns.
I cannot refund shipping cost from the original order.

Note that I cannot do cash refunds, I can only write credit card credits.
You will see a credit appear on your next credit card statement.

I cannot credit money back by PayPal.
If you paid by PayPal, I have no way to get money back to your PayPal account.
PayPal is just a cash register drawer that is emptied at the end of every day.
Just like a cash register in a retail store, the PayPal money is emptied out each day and deposited into my business banking account.
In other words, I do not keep any money in my PayPal account that can be used for refunds.

I cannot write you a refund check.

I do not swap out parts.
I always write a credit card credit for the parts, which corrects my inventory on hand for the items being returned by adding the quantities back into stock.
This is proper accounting and inventory procedure and the only way I can keep proper records on transactions.
If you need to order more parts, go ahead and place your order now, your returned parts have nothing to do with your order, they are separate transactions.

You will get your money back on the returned parts as soon as I receive the parts.
Some people have a hard time understanding how this works.
Say you want to return a $10.00 part and you buy a different $10 part the same day.
I charge you for the $10 part and then ship it to you the same day.
A week later I get your returned part and give you back the $10.00.
It all washes out the same as swapping parts, except now my on hand totals for each part are correct, and I have a paper trail for both transactions.

Used parts:
I cannot accept used parts on a return.
If the part is defective I will replace it with a new one.
If I determine that the part was misused or installed improperly, I will not accept the part for return.
Check items like pots with a multi-meter first before you install it.

For example:
If you install a pot, make sure no flux splatters down inside the pot when you solder it.
This will cause the pot to malfunction.
Please do not dismantle parts.
I had a customer who dismantled a Wah pot and then wanted to send it back.

Always include our email correspondence with your returned part so I know what's going on.
If there is no note in your package I will just put your package on a shelf and wait to hear from you.
Once I read the enclosed email note, I will know exactly why you are returning the part.
I get tons of emails every day, there is no way I can remember our previous conversation without a written copy.
I will just put your package aside and wait until you contact me by email if I cannot figure out why you have returned a part to me.

If I sent you the wrong part and you are returning the part, use the cheapest shipping method when sending the part back to me.
The cheapest shipping method is usually just regular first class mail.
I will credit you the shipping charges when I receive your package if you use the cheapest shipping method.
Do not send the part back using UPS Next day air or some very expensive shipping method.
I had a customer do this and he expected me to credit the $30 return shipping charges, it didn't happen and he ended up mad at me.

Send the parts and your email correspondence note to:
Hoffman Amplifiers
106 Lakeland Dr.
Pisgah Forest, NC, 28768

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